Femínistafélag Akureyrar

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The meeting on 19th of April

We wanted to raise foreign womens awareness of the Feminist Movement of Akureyri. The aim of the meeting was to get broader views into the Movement by formally inviting foreign women to the meeting. Even though the message perhaps did not reach many foreign women in Akureyri, we want to emphasise that their views on Akureyri´s society are more than welcome within this community. It was mentioned at the meeting that some women did not want to attend the meeting because they do not consider themselves as ´feminists´. As a movement, we would like to stress that the changing of views on feminism is central to this movement, and we would like to encourage all questions on feminism within the community. Another view was brought up, which is that foreign women feel isolated within Akureyri´s community. As a response to that, the Movement welcomes people of all nationalities to participate in our meetings.

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